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‘Stranger Things 2’– Can Lightning Strike Twice?

  The first season of Netflix original series ‘Stranger Things’ came out of nowhere last summer, yet quickly became culturally ubiquitous as an example of the ‘right’ way to present nostalgia and genre homage.  Set firmly in 1983, complete with period accurate design and callbacks, the cinematic eight-part maxi-series claimed its’ well-earned place in the zeitgeist. … Continue reading ‘Stranger Things 2’– Can Lightning Strike Twice?


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‘It’ – Delivering on Re-tread Chills?

  Twenty-seven years have passed since ABC first aired the miniseries ‘It’, a somewhat restrained television version of the ‘80’s Stephen King classic novel that freaked out an entire generation of teens. Some might even say that ‘It’ induced a collective coulrophobia (fear of clowns) that urban pranksters and the current season of ‘American Horror… Continue reading ‘It’ – Delivering on Re-tread Chills?